Sunday, 6 September 2015

In the air - Renga (poem) - All the W's - The fisherman and his wife

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6th September 2015
I struggled linking 'In the air' with the story of the fisherman. So I am going to be content with a picture of the moon, which is in the air. Oh dear, it's above the air, isn't it! 
Sometimes we have to be happy with knowing that we tried our best.


FMS Photo a day
In the air
Text type
Sentence type
All the W’s
The fisherman and his wife

All the w’s: use short question sentences. To build drama, you could use them in a series.
who, what, when, where, why, would, was, will, what if?

Renga: like a Haiku, but can be any length and is often collaboratively written – for example take turns in writing stanzas.
odd numbered stanzas lines are: 5-7-5 syllables
even numbered stanzas lines are: 7-7 syllables

The fisherman and his wife

A fisherman lived
With his wife in a pig sty,
Not a happy pair.

One day he caught a huge fish,
It was an enchanted prince.

How could he eat that?
So the fisherman saved him.
Not a happy wife!

‘Why not ask for a reward?’
‘I can’t, it’s rude, don’t make me!’

His wife persisted
He called, ‘Flounder in the sea,
Please come here to me.’

‘My wife has a wish.
For your life: a house please?’
‘Consider it done!’

His wife was outside
A perfect little cottage.
A forever home?

It took only a fortnight,
Before: ‘This house is too small!’

He went back to the flounder
‘She wants this, not me.
Can we have a castle please?’

His home was now a palace.
‘Will we live and be content?’

His wife wanted more.
To be King, Emperor, Pope.
Still she wanted more.

‘Who can rule the sun and moon?
Now I fear you’ve gone too far.’

He went back to the flounder
‘She wants this not me.
She wants to be like a god.’

‘Go to her and you will find

Home forever is a sty.’

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