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Rashomon effect - Rumpelstiltskin - if, if, if, then

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27  September 2015
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 If, if, if, then

It's a rainbow, but I haven't linked it to the story - perhaps someone else can?
It could be a symbol of hope for the miller's daughter, perhaps.

If, if, if, then
Summarises dramatic plot
at beginning or end of a story. Comma after each clause.
If Hannibal hadn't been lost, if Rome hadn't won, if Carthage hadn't fallen, then the Med would be a very different place today.
Rashomon (effect)
The story is told from the perspective of different characters throwing up inconsistencies which are irreconcilable with each other. There is no over-riding narrative voice and so there is no ‘truth’ to the story.
A series of sub headings introduce each character. For example, as interviews with / testimonies of main characters, with a purpose. In Cinderella, it might be an investigation to find the owner of the shoe.
For Rumpelstiltskin I have started with the miller and the King. Other testimonies could be written for the miller’s daughter, palace officials, the court messengers and Rumpelstiltskin himself.

The King’s mother has decided to take charge of the chaos in the Palace. Her daughter in law is distressed, her grandchild is dressed up as if going on a long journey and an imp has his leg stuck in a hole in the floor.

The Miller
I can’t tell you much, I’m afraid. I haven’t seen my daughter for nearly two years, not since she went to live at the palace. The King has treated me well, he is a good man, all my needs are taken of thanks to him, but my daughter – that’s another story.
She was always a good daughter to me, she was kind and polite, always worked well at the mill and she was the most beautiful creature you had ever seen. The last time I saw her was the day when the King was passing and I told him how wonderful she was and pointed out her beautiful hair. I told him that when the sun shines on it, it’s as if she’s spun straw into gold. Well blow me down with a feather, if that didn’t make him fall in love with her! He offered me riches in return for her hand in marriage and of course I agreed. Who am I, a poor miller, to argue with the King?
I don’t know what went wrong! She never speaks to me, my letters are returned unopened and she won’t let me into the palace. It doesn’t make sense! She has married the king and lives in luxury in the palace. She even has a beautiful grandchild I am not allowed to meet, but you see every day.
Can you help me reconcile with her?

The King
Mother, I don’t have to answer to you anymore, I am a grown man! You know as much as I do about what is happening today. To be honest, I thought I was going to have to send her home after the first night. If her father hadn’t said she could spin straw into gold, if she hadn’t actually done that, if she hadn’t been reasonably attractive we wouldn’t even be having this conversation. When her father told me of her special skill, I thought I could have some fun with her – it gets a bit boring being King sometimes. I could hardly sleep on the first night she stayed at the palace. I was up all night wondering what state she would be in when I saw her in the morning, and she had to explain why the straw was still straw. It was going to be hilarious! I think she believed me when I said I would have to kill her if she couldn’t do it!  Anyway, she did it: I nearly fell over in shock.
After she did it three times, I decided that was probably enough - I’m not a greedy man. I know when to stop, and besides I was getting to like her so I asked her to marry me.
We don’t talk much, I think she keeps things from me. When the baby came along, she wasn’t as happy as I thought she should be, but the baby is healthy enough.

I have no idea what the fuss with imp is all about. I am as keen to get that issue dealt with as you are, so we can get back to normal. 

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