Wednesday, 9 September 2015

I heard - The boy who cried wolf

Today's #afewwordsaday #KAFWAD submission
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9th September 2015
I'm getting used to this 5-7 syllable format. The more I do it, the less I have to count the syllables. Have a go!

Prompts / date
9th September 2015
FMS Photo a day
I hear
Text type
Sentence type
 Adjective, same adjective
The boy who cried wolf

 Adj, same adj
A phrase with an adjective, repeat same adjective straight after the comma. Adds detail and explains. It was a cold planet, cold due to the distance from the sun
Japanese for 'long song';has mini-Haikus, each stanza is 5-7, the last is 7-7. Separate chains of naga-uta can go off at a tangent, to add more detail, explain an underlying motive...

I heard the boy cry wolf but I ignored him: a wolf killed one of his sheep.
'No one believes a liar even when they tell the truth'
(disclaimer - this didn't really happen. I would have noticed a wolf that big,
and I know that the sponge doesn't look much like a sheep)

A young shepherd boy
Watching for a big, bad wolf,
                                                                       He’s so very bored.
                                                                       For weeks now, there’s been no sign

Looking down the hill
He sees the farmers working
                                                                           The shepherd boy looks
                                                                           At his unused warning bell

                                                                           The shepherd boy thinks
                                                                           ‘I wonder what they would do…’
‘Help! Help! There’s a wolf!’
The boy jumped and rang the bell.

The men ran to help,
but no wolf was to be seen.

‘I chased him away!’
‘Well done! What a brave young man!’

                                                                        ‘That was fun,’ he thought.
                                                                         I will try that trick again.

‘Help! Help! There’s a wolf!’
The boy jumped and rang the bell.
The men dropped their tools,
Again they came to his aid.

Once again, no wolf.
There was no praise, no ‘brave boy.’
                                                                           The men were doubtful,
                                                                           doubtful because of his grin.

                                                                          He’d chased off a wolf
                                                                           And yet he wasn’t shaken
He did it again,
Again no wolf was there

They were angry now.
‘Don’t cry wolf, when there’s no wolf.’
                                                                           The daft boy just grinned
                                                                           He loved the sport of ‘cry wolf’
Next day he saw a …
‘WOLF! HELP! HELP!’ He rang his bell.
                                                                           He shouted loudly,
                                                                           Loudly so they’d know it’s true.
‘Does he think we’re fools?
The villagers ignored him.

At sunset the boy
didn’t come down with the sheep

The boy was weeping
when they went up to find him.

‘The wolf ate a sheep:
I called, but you did not come.’

No one believes a liar
even when they tell the truth.

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