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Start of the line rhyme - Varjak Paw - O. (I).

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24th September

Prompts / date
24  September 2015
FMS Photo a day
Text type
 Start of the line rhyme
Sentence type
 O. (I).
Varjak Paw
O. (I).
outside: inside
2 related sentences. Outside (action), inside (reveals true feelings)
Kate ate the cake her friend gave to her with excitement. However, she wished she had refused it.
She smiled at the cheeky boy. At the same time she was hurt by his tricks.

Varjak Paw was told that a 'true' Mesopotamian blue has green eyes.

Start of the line rhyme
Rhyming words start, rather than end the lines. As this is hard to maintain, it is fine to include the rhyming words in the first few syllables of a line:
One morning a letter came in the post
And yawning, a stepsister picked it up.

The Paws are an extended family of Mesopotamian Blue cats,
Whose claws are not needed in their luxury life with The Contessa.
They rarely venture out, even into the garden: Mother says,
"It’s a fairly nasty, dirty place in that garden.”
Beyond these doors ‘Outside’, there are huge, fierce monsters called dogs.

Fond of dreaming, was Varjak, the youngest kitten,
He was teased and bullied by his family
Displeased by his eyes: amber not green
(As the eyes of a true Mesopotamian Blue should be).
He relies on his grandfather's tales of their ancestor Jalal,
Who "travelled to the ends of the earth, further than any cat had been before",
A true hunter, who "fought the fiercest warrior cats".

Varjak gets his chance to shine when the Contessa dies,
Black cats and a sinister "Gentleman"
Take over the house
Moreover, Elder Paw insists that the Mesopotamians
Must escape the house at once, but they refuse.
Thrust aside, he turns to Varjak for help.

Varjak's task is to go over the wall surrounding the house,
And ask a dog to help them –
A dog alone could make the gentleman become
Overthrown – a dog is so big and fierce.
He will recognise a dog because they
"Fill the heart with fear, with their foul breath and deafening sound".

Varjak climbed bravely over the wall and ventured into the City.
Despite his bravery, he was a scared and inexperienced kitten.

Enough of my attempts – if I continue my poem, I’ll spoil the story for you.
Now. can you adapt the last two lines so that they have a 'start of the line rhyme'?
Or, why not try your own?

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