Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Tele acrostic - Prince Lindworm - the more, the more

Today's #afewwordsaday #KAFWAD submission
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22nd September
 I couldn't get the sentence type in this text - there were too many constraints as it was. So I added it as the caption for the photo.

Prompts / date
 22 September 2015
FMS Photo a day
Text type
Sentence type
 The more, the more
 Prince Lindworm
the more, the more
develops character trait
1st more followed by emotion then a comma. 2nd more followed by related action.
The more angry he became, the more mistakes he made.

Tele acrostic
The focus word or phrase is the first and last letter of each line – this makes it somewhat more complex than a basic acrostic, or hidden acrostic.

The more the Queen peeled the fruit, the more layers there seemed to be.

Please help me have the son I long for,” begged the Queen of the fairy; so sad she couldn’t sleep.
“Right after you bath tonight eat the two fruit which will appear and you will have what you long for.
If you want two healthy princes, peel them before you eat them when you get out of the Jacuzzi.
Now, after her bath, the Queen was so excited to see the fruit, she ate the first with the peel still on.
Can’t hurt, can it? But I’ll peel the second one, even if the instruction is cryptic.”
Eventually she gave birth. The first was a hideous monster, the second, a perfect prince.

Lindworm snaked into forest. The Queen denied his existence while the other was the pride of all.
“I wish I’d peeled the seven skins from both fruits: I would have two beautiful bambini!
Now you are a young man, it is time to marry,” the King told his son.
Dressed in his finery, he set out to find a bride, but instead saw a hideous Lindworm in the road.
What are you doing? I am the first born, I deserve a bride first, after all these years of sorrow!”
“Oh, have mercy!” cried the Queen to the king who felt murderous. “It’s my fault he’s causing this hullabaloo!”
Riches were promised to a farm girl’s family, after Lindworm had eaten two brides in an unlikely manner.
Marry they did, and because the old fairy told her how to break the curse, their life together was a happy dream.

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