Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Week 1 prompts - September 1st to 7th 2015

If you are playing along, each piece of writing should include all four elements. 
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Sept  FMS
Photo Prompt

Text Type
(Alan Peat)
sentence type 
(Alan Peat)
original story
1 in my wardrobe limerick  simile The Gruffalo
2 happiness is monosyllabic     3 x bad adj - question The Happy Prince
3 bedtime neverending tale short East of the Sun and West of the Moon
4 my passion similes  If, if, if, then Pinocchio
5 sparkle flashbacks    De:de Cinderella
6 in the air renga   All the W's The Fisherman and his Wife

For an explanation and examples of the sentence types, please follow this link:  Alan Peat's Sentence Structures: 25 ways to improve your sentence writing.
Alan Peat has amazing resources including ipad apps - find out more here: Alan Peat

Text types
Monosyllabic: only use words of one syllable to re-tell the story
Never ending tale: write a story that once you read it, if you start again it makes sense, so that in fact you could start anywhere. What if ...
a prince married a woman with two daughters. The prince is exiled by the king. His daughter (cinderella) is left with her step mother and step sisters to be treated as a slave. Another prince has a ball, Cinderella goes with the help of a fairy godmother, she loses a slipper. The prince finds her, they marry and have a child, but tragically Cinderella dies. The prince names the child Cinderella. He later falls in love again. (back to the start)
Similes - put as many as you can into one story. Don't worry about over-doing it.
Renga: like a Haiku, but can be any length and is often collaboratively written.
odd numbered stanzas lines are: 5-7-5 syllables
even numbered stanzas lines are: 7-7 syllables

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