Monday, 21 September 2015

Mirror snowball - Chicken Licken - 3 _ed

Today's #afewwordsaday #KAFWAD submission
Why not join me? Today's prompts are below. Prompts for the rest of the week are in a separate post just below.

21st September

Prompts / date
 21 September 2015
FMS Photo a day
Text type
Mirror snowball
Sentence type
 3 _ed
 Chicken Licken

Do you think Chicken Licken could have been related to the Little Red Hen (I had to get 'red' in there somehow!)

3 _ed: Describes emotions. Start with 3 adjectives ending in _ed, all followed by commas   
Confused, shocked, scared, the children ran from the burning building.

Mirror Snowball
Oulipian technique
Poem with one word on the first line, one more word on each line until there are eight words. Thenn one less word on each line until the last line has one word.
Each line must make sense on its own.

1 Licken,
2 The Chicken:
3 “The sky’s falling!”
4 “Oh no!” said Ducky.
5 “We must tell the king!”
6 “Where are you going?” asked Goosey.
7 “The sky’s falling! We’re telling the King!”
8 Confused, shocked, bewildered, the friends set off aimlessly.
7 ”Where are you going?” asked Foxy Loxy.
6 “To the King, the sky’s falling!”
5 “I’ll help you, follow me!”
4 And so they did…
3 To his den
2 Oh no…
1 Dinner!

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