Tuesday, 1 September 2015


Welcome to my latest creative challenge!
Every day I will post a photo and write a short piece to go with it.

Why am I doing this?
·        For the creative challenge
·        To be in the position of children at school who are made to write when they often find it hard
·        To refresh my memory of classic and traditional stories
·        To practice my grammar
·        To have models of writing online I can easily use when on supply

Please join me!
·        You can tweet; post on Instagram; create your own blog (and then tweet a link); add your writing to a comment on my blog – or not share, it’s up to you!
·        Use my hashtag so I can find you!
·        Do it every day or once a week – whatever suits you.
·        Or just follow me – but please hit like or comment, so I know you have stopped by.

Every day I will write a few words and include:
1.      a photo
2.      a reference to a book or story
3.      a text type or genre
4.      a sentence type.

How do I pick the prompts?
  •         Photo a day prompts are from the blogger Fat Mum Slim FMS Photo a day
  •          Stories: I compiled a list of my favourite tales and a list of traditional and classic tales I found on the internet. I may revise this list if I find some are too brutal (there are some gory tales out there!)
  •      Text types are from Alan Peat’s, ’50 Ways to Re-tell a Story’. He has amazing literacy resources including innovative iPad apps. Alan Peat
  •          Sentence types are from a power point I found online, ‘Alan Peat's Sentence Structures: 25 ways to improve your sentence writing.’ Alan Peat's Sentences

The combinations of the four strands are entirely random (I made lists, numbered them and used random number generators to order them.)

The prompts will be posted weekly with an explanation of the text / sentence types

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