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Story spine - personification - Rapunzel

Today's #afewwordsaday #KAFWAD submission
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17th September 2015

 Rather than using Alan Peat's Plot skeleton, I have chosen to use a different skeleton structure. Here is more about the 'Story spine', as used by Pixar: Story spine: the fourth rule of story telling
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Prompts / date
17th  September 2015
FMS Photo a day
I never
Text type
 Plot skeleton

I’m going to use these 7 ‘Story Spine’ sentence starters:
Once upon a time there was
Every day,
Until one day….
Because of that…
Because of that….
Until finally…..
Ever Since that day
Sentence type
 Personification of weather

Personification of weather
Imagery, adds emotion
Give a type of weather a human mood.
Norman was beaten and whipped by the hail.
The breeze gently stroked her face.

Once upon a time there was a girl with long hair who lived in a tower in the middle of a forest. She had been taken from her parents as a baby as a punishment for her father stealing salad leaves from the witch’s garden to satisfy her mother’s craving.
Every day the witch who took her visited, using Rapunzel’s long hair to climb up the tower.
Until one day a prince heard Rapunzel singing and saw how beautiful she was and he copied how the witch climbed her hair. They fell in love and planned her escape. Rapunzel accidently gave the game away.
Because of that the witch was angry and cut off Rapunzel’s hair, casting her out into the wilderness. When the Prince came, the witch threw her hair down for him and when he was close to the window she let the hair go. He fell to the ground and was blinded by thorns below.
Because of that he spent years wandering aimlessly through wastelands.
Until finally the winds guided him to the wilderness where Rapunzel now lived. He heard her sing and they fell into each other’s arms. Rapunzel’s tears fell on his eyes and healed them.
Ever since that day, they lived happily with their own children in his kingdom. And the witch? She was trapped for ever in the tower with no means of escape.

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