Sunday, 20 September 2015

Perspective - Pig Latin - Ali Baba

Today's #afewwordsaday #KAFWAD submission
Why not join me? Today's prompts are below. Prompts for the rest of the week are in a separate post just below.

20th September

Ali Baba and the forty seeds 
- this is a pretend forced perspective photo.

Prompts / date
20th  September 2015
FMS Photo a day
Text type
Pig Latin
Sentence type
Ali Baba

Emo,      Give weight to emotion                 emotion word then comma.        
Desperate, she screamed for help. Happily she skipped along the path.

Pig Latin.
A type of code used orally so that only those ‘in the know’ will understand.

Take the first consonant from a word, put it at the end and add ‘ay’:
sisters > ister-say
If a word starts with more than one consonant, move both (or all of them):
Prince > ince-pray
If a word starts with a vowel, move all the letters until, and including, the first consonant:
evil > il-evay  and  ignorant > orant-ignay.

An excerpt:
He said, "Open, Sesame!" and the door opened and shut behind him. When he was ready to go he could not remember what to say and the door still stuck fast. Frightened, he could not remember which seed it was.

The excerpt, in Pig Latin
e-hay aid-say, “en-opay, esame-say!” d-anay e-thay oor-day d-anay ut-shay ehind-bay im-hay.  Hen-way e-hay as-way eady-ray o-tay o-gay e-hay ould-cay ot-nay emember-ray at-whay o-tay ay-say d-anay e-thay oor-day ill-stay uck-stay ast-fay.
ightened-fray, e-hay ould-cay ot-nay emember-ray ich-whay eed-say it-ay as-way.

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