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My passion - simile - if, if, if, then - Pinocchio

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4th September 2015
I have just re-told a preface for the story. Perhaps you can re-tell a different part, or write a blurb including the sentence structure: If, if, if, then.

FMS Photo a day: My passion...
text type:           Simile
Sentence type:   if, if, if, then
Story:                 Pinocchio

Simile: use 'like' or 'as... a...' for sentences in key parts of the story.
If, if, if, then: use this to summarise a dramatic plot at the beginning or end of a story.

Geppetto and Pinocchio both learned if your passion is money, it could make an ass out of you.

Pinocchio: a preface

Master Antonio, saw the piece of wood, he rubbed his hands in delight like a hungry man presented with a slap-up meal. Master Antonio was a talented carpenter but was known to the local children as ‘Mr Cherry’, on account of his very round and very red nose. For sixty years he had never been short of customers needing a new chest or replacement arm for a chair. Mr Antonio thought this piece of wood would make the most beautiful table leg and he set to work.
He swung his axe over his shoulder like an Olympic hammer thrower and it sliced into the wood like a hot knife through butter. ‘Don’t hit me so hard!’ cried a small, strange, ghost-like voice. He was so scared that his nose turned as blue as a blueberry and he sat right down on the floor.
At that very moment, his shop doorbell rang and his old friend and neighbour entered. ‘Why are you sitting on the floor like a fool? Up you get, I need you to sell me some wood.’ Geppetto was never one to stand on ceremony. ‘I am tired of being as poor as a church mouse; I want to make lots of money and I have a plan, it will be my passion!’
‘Go ahead.’
‘I will make a wooden puppet that can dance like Bob Fosse*, leap like an acrobat and fence like Inigo Montoya**. Crowds will swarm around me like bees round a honey pot, I will be as rich as a king!’
‘Bravo, Pudding! Best idea ever!’
‘What did you call me?’ demanded Geppetto, turning as red as a rooster's crown. His ridiculous round, wig as yellow as custard, slipped a little on his sweaty head as he turned angrily to Antonio.
‘It wasn’t me!’
This was too much for Geppetto and the two men began to fight like cat and dog: hissing, spitting and scratching. ‘But I didn’t say anything,’ gasped an exasperated Antonio, and the same strange, small voice began to laugh. This time both men sat on the floor and stared in amazement at the block of wood.
Master Antonio and Geppetto quickly became friends again, as they had done after every fight they had had for the last seventy years. Master Antonio gladly gave the piece of wood to Geppetto who was just as happy to take it.
As you may know, it wasn’t long before Geppetto realised his mistake and found that, in Pinocchio, he had created a puppet who was naughty beyond compare. If he hadn’t been so hot headed, if he hadn’t been so greedy, if he'd been a better friend, then he wouldn’t be in such a fix now.

* If you haven’t heard of Bob Fosse check him out on YouTube dancing to Billy Jean, it will blow your mind.

** If you have never heard of Inigo Montoya, go and read, or watch, ‘The Princess Bride’ immediately.

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